Vision and Values


  • The courage and tenacity to act with moral, economic and social dignity,
  • To have respect and regard for; the environment, authority, their bodies, the opinions and feelings of others,
  • To develop a sense of self and awareness of spirituality and spiritual needs
  • To appreciate culture and invention,
  • To have an awareness of cultural similarities and differences within our local and global community,
  • Express awe and wonder of the natural and man-made world,
  • To believe that excellence is worth striving for and has its own rewards

Our vision for our children

Our vision is that all pupils leave Chadsmead Primary Academy with a strong sense of and commitment to our values.

Our children will be equipped with the qualities, knowledge, skills and qualities to face the challenges and opportunities in the next phase of their lives in addition to high standards of academic knowledge and skills. They will be hard working, emotionally literate, resilient, creative and adaptable.

Throughout their lives they will reflect on their time at Chadsmead primary Academy with fondness, gratitude, many happy memories with lifelong endurance that will sustain and inspire them.

Finally, we hope they will stay in touch, visiting occasionally to inspire the next generation.

Our vision for the Academy

  • Chadsmead Primary Academy will be a hub of the community, providing opportunity and nurture for all.
  • It will be a beacon of excellence in academic performance and professional expertise.
  • Through sound and innovative financial management we will prosper in order to extend our influence and capacity.