Mrs Grainger

Art Lead

At Chadsmead school, we want every pupil to learn and develop the knowledge and skills they need to experiment, invent and create their own works of art, craft and design. We believe that art and design is integral to developing imaginative, creative, culturally aware citizens who have a lifelong appreciation of the highest forms of human creativity.  

Our pupils will learn how to critically engage with a diverse range of ancient, traditional, modern and contemporary artists through the most significant periods in art, understanding the key concepts behind them.  

As they progress through our curriculum, pupils will accumulate properly embedded, sequenced knowledge and skills that help them to develop as confident practitioners of art who understand their position in the learning journey and what they need to do to improve. They will understand that improvement is relative to themselves, as they develop the confidence to express their creative voice in ways that suit their own artistic tastes and preferences.  

We teach art through four curriculum attainment areas, which correspond to the National Curriculum for art and design, and closely relate to the NSEAD’s four attainment targets. Our four curriculum attainment areas are: 

Skills – acquiring skills sequentially and reinforcing these skills through regular practice.  

Knowledge & Understanding – developing their knowledge of significant art through time and understanding the concepts behind it. Also, to develop their knowledge of key subject vocabulary in order to critically engage with works of art.  

Creativity – opportunities to execute the knowledge and skills they learn in appropriate, imaginative and creative ways.  

Reflection – developing the pupil’s ability to critically engage with their own and others work, so that they understand their position in the learning process and know what they need to do in order to improve.