Chadsmead Curriculum

At Chadsmead Primary Academy we want our children to be knowledgeable of the world around them and to develop the skills and values to be successful and make positive contributions to society.

Learning at Chadsmead is engaging, interactive and includes a range of experiences within the classroom and beyond. Children will be challenged and supported to achieve their potential.

By the time our pupils leave Chadsmead not only are they ready for the next stage of their education but they have the knowledge, skills and values that will help them live successful and fulfilling lives.

The Chadsmead Curriculum

The delivery of the curriculum is usually takes place in the child’s own class groups. Most subjects and skills are taught by the same class teacher, but occasionally children learn with children from other classes or different members of staff. For example, in phonics children are grouped according to their learning needs.

We teach individual subjects. Each subject is valued.

We follow a two-year cycle to ensure breadth, coverage, and progression. You will find a summary (Curriculum Overviews) of what is taught in each year below. You can also look specifically at each subject.

The class timetables (available under the Class Timetables tab) ensure that all subjects within the curriculum receive an appropriate amount of coverage as well as meet the needs of the children.

 The Principles of our Curriculum Design

The 2014 National Curriculum is at the heart of our curriculum and all children study the core and foundation subjects. With the guidance of subject leaders across our school and the Trust, we have developed a curriculum based on clear progression of knowledge and skills across all subjects. We view the design of the curriculum as an evolving and fluid process.

We have considered the research on cognitive and schema development theory and this underpins our design with regular opportunities for knowledge recall and retrieval, striving to enable access for all children. Applying knowledge to skills is a priority. Progression of content and concepts is clearly thought out. Our curriculum has breadth because we recognise that narrowing it damages the life chances of children.

Cultural Capital

Cultural capital is the essential knowledge that children need to prepare them for their future success. We want to ensure that children at Chadsmead have a wide and varied range of experiences as they progress through our school, which utilises our locality. We want them to know about their world; to build a schema of knowledge and to do this through first hand experiences. We intend to provide our children with opportunities to develop not just their knowledge but their interests and talents. Our aim is to prepare them for a successful future.

 How will you know your child is doing well?

We make on-going (formative) assessments of pupils’ attainment to track their progress. This helps with future planning and also informs our discussions about your child’s progress in parents’ meetings.

After more formal (summative) assessments, such as statutory assessments at the end of key stages, we report the outcomes to parents and report the outcomes of these assessments to the School Standards Committee and Department for Education, as required.

Curriculum Overviews