Summer Festival - Friday 8th July 3-5pm

Design and Technology

Mrs Cadman

Design & Technology Lead


Our aim at Chadsmead is for learners to develop creative ideas, technical expertise and practical skills though the processes of designing, making and evaluating their own and others’ products. Through our curriculum, we aim for children to understanding the elements of nutrition and apply this knowledge to learn how to cook in preparation for their future lives in the wider world.


Our Design and Technology curriculum covers the skills set out in the National Curriculum and learning follows a design, make and evaluate cycle with each stage firmly rooted within the cross curricular theme learning upon which to build technical skills, knowledge and vocabulary and inspire creativity. Each of these stages is equally weighted and evidenced within theme books.


Design and technology outcomes are monitored through theme books across all year groups, pupil voice and feedback, visual displays in school, and photographic records of the work undertaken.