English: Spelling

Mr Budge

English: Spelling Lead

Children initially learn to spell by being taught phonics daily through Read Write Inc starting in EYFS and continuing into KS1. Y1 and 2 follow a structured spelling programme including NC spelling patterns. 

In Years 1 and 2, as children become secure in their phonetical knowledge, spellings are taught throughout the week with time being allocated to explicitly teach appropriate words. Two words from the current theme are also taught weekly for children to learn as part of their spellings. 

Children are taught to spell using the 5 'S' (see, say, spell, scribe, solve) and they practice the spellings using Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check (LSCWC). These strategies complement many other practice activities such as word searches, word pyramids, copy the shape of the word, write vowels with a different colour. 

In KS2, as part of their timetabled spelling lessons, children are taught spelling rules and patterns, words appropriate to their year group and 2 of their key theme vocabulary words. 

Spellings are sent home weekly for children to practise.  They are assessed once a week by writing the individual word or by dictated sentences in their school spelling book. 

Children who need help with spelling receive support through intervention groups, differentiated word lists or extra help in class when writing through scaffolding e.g. use of word mats.