English: Writing

Mr Budge

English: Writing Lead

At Chadsmead we encourage children to be independent writers recognising the importance of knowing audiences and purposes, across different text types, for their writing.

Writing is taught as a stand-alone subject but is also evident in every aspect of our curriculum and varying text types are taught throughout the school. The objectives of the National Curriculum are closely followed to ensure that the skills learnt in spelling, punctuation and grammar are embedded and transferred into writing. Lessons are carefully planned so that skills are taught, embedded, revisited and then developed in a sequential way which promotes learning and retention of knowledge and skills.  Pupils are given a language rich curriculum and are encouraged and shown how to effectively use interesting and adventurous language in their writing.

The writing journey starts with the children in EYFS, where children listen, join in and get to know stories really well. They begin to internalise story structures using story maps, sentence patterns and memory. They then begin to ‘rewrite’ the story with their early writing skills.

Following on from this, children in Years 1 & 2, begin to rewrite the stories including key vocabulary, grammar and punctuation.  Children borrow vocabulary, adapt story patterns and sentence structure as they write their own version of a well-known text. They write their own stories in the same theme, when they have a good working knowledge of structure, grammatical features and punctuation. 

Moving into Key Stage Two, children in Year 3 & 4 focus on description and the use of tier 2 and 3 vocabulary.  Children are taught to identify features of quality texts from different genres of writing and then given more time to innovate well known stories and invent their own. This allows more time to be spent on developing children’s creativity and applying their embedded writing skills. 

As children get older in KS2 they manipulate, adapt, alter and create new sentence patterns and structures to create their own text using key vocabulary, grammar and punctuation.  

In Year 5 & 6 children spend more time on using their secure grounding in different writing genres to explore creative writing in preparation for high school. As in all phases, quality texts are used to illustrate what a good example looks like. They are given more freedom to produce their own writing, using age-appropriate skills. 

Writing assessment is ongoing throughout every lesson and cross curricular themes to help teachers with their planning, lesson activities, targeted pupil support and enable appropriate challenge to all children. Pupils are given detailed feedback in order to personalise learning and opportunities to edit and improve their own writing.