Mr Stevens

History Lead

History is held in high regard at Chadsmead, we want our children to leave with a secure knowledge of significant historical events, figures and cultures both locally and globally. We want them to understand their importance and the impact that these have had on the way we live today. Our children will have a chronological understanding of historical events and eras.

We teach history discreetly and follow a two-year cycle in alternate half terms. Our curriculum is mapped against the National Curriculum to ensure complete coverage. History units have an over-arching enquiry question, supported by specific lesson enquiry objectives.  We place an importance on key vocabulary and aim to equip children with the required skills for historical study. We will use a range of sources to enhance their learning. 

EYFS children are taught to understand what the past is. They look at chronology and put things in order. They begin to develop their understanding of history by using vocabulary such as past, present and future using changes within their living memory.  In KS1, pupils build substantive knowledge (factual content for the subject) by studying specific people and events from the past, such as nurses, explorers and castles (local).  Children begin to encounter disciplinary knowledge (knowledge of how historians investigate the past).

KS2 follow a two-year cycle.  In one cycle, children learn about British History in chronological order, whilst the second cycle focuses on Ancient civilisations and local studies.  As we move through the school there is an increasing opportunity to draw on previous learning and make comparisons with present learning. Many units of work will include work using a big picture timeline as well as a timeline specific to the period being taught.

With our fortunate location, we are able to regularly make links with the community.  Each phrase encounters a local history unit; KS1 look at people of significance from Lichfield, LKS2 look at people of significance from Lichfield in more depth, including why our school Houses are named as they are and UKS2 will look at Lichfield during the Civil War.

Our enquiry question approach, alongside a start and end quiz enables us to assess our pupils understanding of each unit of work studied.