Summer Festival - Friday 8th July 3-5pm


Mrs Baines

Languages Lead


Often for our children, French lessons are the first time they have heard or experienced a foreign language. Therefore, we want our children to have a positive, fun, engaging experience of learning a second language.   Within each lesson, our pupils will gain confidence speaking, listening to, reading, writing and translating French.  This will expose them to other cultures and foster an attitude of resilience when tackling a new language. This will act as a stepping stone to enable the pupils at Chadsmead to flourish with confidence when they start secondary school MFL.


The framework for our French curriculum comes from the National Curriculum.  The coverage of the National Curriculum comes from the commercial scheme of ‘CGP Salut.’  This has been adapted to make sure that the French covered is relevant for our children. Each half term unit consists of six lessons, which introduce new vocabulary specific to the theme of that unit.  There is a song to begin each half term unit, which gives the children a flavour of the new vocabulary that they will be learning.  Each lesson begins with a ‘Talk Task’ which reaffirms the previous lessons speaking element, this is to consolidate previous knowledge.  Lessons have three levels of challenge for independent work and the children choose which level to attempt based on their own confidence. A story completes each half term unit, affording the children an opportunity to put into practise the skills and vocabulary they have learned throughout the unit by attempting to translate this story. Children are exposed to French grammar in a simple form. Much of the teaching is interactive ensuring the children learn correct pronunciation.


It is our purpose to ensure that by the end of our children's primary education, they have acquired an understanding of both spoken French, written phrases, confidence to speak in French with others and know how important other languages can be in their future.


Teachers use assessment for learning and assess children according to the learning objectives they teach, they then use this information to plan their next set of lessons.  At the end of each unit, the teacher will carry out assessment linked to the teaching and progression of skills.


French is monitored throughout year groups by pupil discussions about their learning, visits to lessons and dialogue with teaching staff and reflecting on standards achieved against the planned outcomes.