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Mrs Bishop

Maths Lead

Our vision for maths at Chadsmead is for every child to enjoy and succeed in mathematics, regardless of their background and starting points. We want Chadsmead learners to actively experience and develop a range of mathematical skills, enabling them to call upon a range of strategies when in new and unfamiliar situations.

The Mathematics Mastery programme of study is followed currently in Years Reception to 4, and will continue to move through the remaining year groups on a yearly basis.

The underlying principles of Mathematics Mastery form the basis of our whole school maths learning;

  1. Language and communication (explaining, discussing, asking and reasoning to scaffold      thinking and understanding)
  2. Mathematical thinking (sorting, comparing, finding patterns and rules in different representations)
  3. Conceptual understanding (representing concepts using objects and pictures, making connections between different representations)

Instead of learning mathematical procedures by rote, we want pupils to build a deep understanding of concepts which will enable them to apply their learning in different situations.

Children have opportunities to challenge, develop and extend their previous understanding of concepts as they meet new ideas. They work with multiple representations of a concept (concrete, pictorial, abstract) and are supported in making links between these. These representations are used as tools for reasoning and deepening understanding, rather than to just ‘get answers’. Through Talk Tasks, opportunities are given for informal peer discussion and the sharing of ideas (including those which conflict with their own). Talk Tasks are valued highly as learners’ responses are listened to in order to assess understanding. Children articulate their thoughts with increasingly precise mathematical language which is introduced and revisited in every maths unit.

Teachers use strategies to find out learners’ conceptions and respond to these through open questioning or further support. Learners are encouraged to be independent thinkers through tasks which are appropriately supported with different levels of scaffold, as well as offering challenge.

An important aspect of our mastery approach are the Maths Meetings, which are used to consolidate key areas of mathematics in our classes. Maths Meetings provide an opportunity to teach and revise 'general knowledge maths' which may not be explicitly covered during the maths lesson. This means that pupils are re-visiting and practising concepts and skills on a regular basis, continually building on their mastery of them.


Through our teaching we continuously monitor pupils’ progress against expected attainment for their age, making formative assessments where appropriate and using these to inform our teaching. Summative assessments are completed at the end of each term; their results inform discussions in termly Pupil Progress Meetings and update our summative school tracker. The main purpose of all assessment is to always ensure that we are providing excellent provision for every child.