School attendance remains mandatory and all the usual rules continue to apply. Enabling children and young people to attend their education setting regularly continues to be a national priority.

Meet the Governors

We are very excited to introduce you to our School Standards Committee (SSC).
All Parent and Community Governors are unpaid volunteers, with the Headteacher and Staff Governor giving up their time to attend and contribute to SSC meetings.
We thank them for giving their time and expertise to the improvement of school standards and helping us to give all the children the best primary school experience possible.
Governors attend regular meetings and are frequently in contact with the school to ensure that successes are celebrated and areas of concern are acted upon.
Each Governor has their own area of responsibility and they work as a whole to be a 'critical friend' of the school and ensure that the school:
- follows an effective and appropriate strategy and vision in line with the aims of the Community Academies Trust;
- has high standards of outcomes, behaviour, personal development, teaching and leadership;
- listens to and values the views of pupils and parents in the running of the school.
The SSC will also:
- Support and challenge the Headteacher and the school's leadership for the quality of provision in the school and monitor the standards being achieved 
- Report to the Trust
- Develop links with the school community and other CAT schools;
- Cooperate and assist with any OFSTED or Peer Review Inspections.
This Strategic Plan for Governance is made in conjunction with the school Vision and Values which can be accessed by clicking here and makes reference to Staffordshire Safeguarding and CAT Safeguarding Policies which can be accessed here.
If you wish to contact the Local Governing Body you can either email them direct using: or write to the SSC c/o the school office at Chadsmead Primary Academy, Friday Acre, Lichfield WS13 7HJ
Dr Deborah Sarson

Chair of the School Standards Committee

Term of Office: 19.7.2021-18.7.2025
Since graduating from her PhD Debbie has held a variety of commercial roles within multiple organisations. Debbie is currently a full-time mum to a son in Early Years.

Mrs Iona Chisholm

Parent Governor

Link Governor for Writing
Term of Office: 19.7.2021-18.7.2025 (original appointment 30.11.2014)
Iona has four sons, who have all attended Chadsmead Primary.
She works part time and writes magazine articles. Iona also loves gardening, dancing and creative writing - and hopes that her children’s stories will be published one day!
As our writing Governor, Iona really enjoys sharing how school encourages and inspires children to get the most out of their writing.

Mrs Deborah Bissell

Parent Governor

Link Governor for Safeguarding
Term of Office: 19.7.2021-18.7.2025
Debbie has two daughters, one of whom attended Chadsmead Primary Academy. Debbie currently works as a Business Support Manager for a Lichfield based Digital Marketing Agency. Prior to this she has worked extensively in recruitment for academic publishers, leisure businesses and retailers across the Midlands and Cambridge.

Mrs Sarah Snashall

Parent Governor

Link Governor for Pupil Premium, Special Educational Needs and Difficulties (SEND) and Looked After Children (LAC)
Term of Office: 19.7.2021-18.7.2025
Sarah has had two children attend school. Sarah works in publishing, writing teaching resources for Primary Literacy. Over the years Sarah has helped out at school by listening to children read and running guided reading sessions.

Mr Neil Kirkwood

Parent Governor

Link Governor for Early Years
Term of Office: 26.09.2019 - 25.09.2023
Having been settled in Lichfield for well over a decade, Neil has a son who is enjoying school life at Chadsmead. Neil has spent the majority of his career so far in the railway industry, working in strategic planning, commercial and communications roles, and on major investment programmes with significant governance and oversight responsibilities. As well as bringing the benefits of his professional background, he is also helping represent parents on the School Standards Committee.

Miss Donna Tullett

Staff Governor

Term of Office: 20.9.2021-19.9.2025
Donna joined Chadsmead Primary Academy in September 2016 as Key Stage 1 Phase Leader and Year 1/2 teacher. Donna also leads Reading in school. As staff governor Donna aims to offer her knowledge and expertise as a primary teacher and provide a positive relationship between staff and governors.

Dr Gary Lambert

Parent Governor

Link Governor for Science and PE
Gary is a father of two boys one of whom attends Chadsmead. He works in the NHS as a vascular surgeon. He has held roles in medical leadership and on sports governing bodies. In his spare time, Gary is a high performance sports coach, coaching Touch Rugby for England as well as his sons’ teams at Lichfield Rugby Club.

Mrs Jo Owens

Community Governor

Link Governor for Reading
Jo is Assistant Head and secondary English teacher at a local school. She has worked in a variety of school settings, undertaking both pastoral and academic leadership roles. She has a school-age child, and they enjoy roller skating and reading together.

Dr Anna Hooper

Parent Governor

Link Governor for Maths

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Attendance at Meetings
Please find below a table of the Governors who have attended meetings during the Academic Year 2021/2022
Dr D Sarson  Attended          
Mrs D Bissell Didn't Attend          
Mrs I Chisholm  Attended          
Mr N Kirkwood  Attended          
Mrs S Snashall  Attended          
Mrs G Grainger   Attended          
Miss D Tullett   Attended          
Dr G Lambert  Didn't Attend          
Dr A Hooper  Attended          
Mrs J Owens Didn't Attend                                                                    
Attendance at Meetings
Please find below a table of the Governors who have attended meetings during the academic year 2020/2021
09/02/2021   30/03/2021 25/05/2021  13/07/2021 
    Mrs I Chisholm    Attended  Attended  Attended  Attended  Attended  Attended 
Mrs D Bissell  Attended  Attended  Didn't Attend  Attended    Attended Attended 
Dr D Sarson  Attended Attended  Attended   Attended    Attended Attended 
Mr N Kirkwood  Attended Attended  Didn't Attend   Attended   Didn't Attend Attended 
Mrs S Snashall  Attended  Attended Attended   Attended   Attended Attended 
Mrs G Grainger   Attended  Attended Attended   Attended   Attended Attended 
Miss D Tullett   Attended  Attended  Attended  Attended   Attended Attended 
Dr G Lambert   Not Applicable  Not Applicable  Not Applicable  Attended   Attended Didn't Attend 
Dr A Hooper   Not Applicable  Not Applicable Not Applicable   Attended   Attended Attended 
Mrs J Owens Not Applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable Not Applicable Attended Didn't Attend 
Declaration of Interests
The following table highlights our Business Interests for the academic year 2020 to 2021.
Governor Name Date of appointment Employment Details Businesses of which person is partner or sole trader Company Directorships Trusteeships & Governorships Membership of Professional Bodies
Family Relationships
Mrs I Chisholm November 2014 None None None None n/a None
Mrs D Bissell July 2017 Head of Operations & HR - ClickThrough Marketing Ltd None Oak Residential Management None n/a None
Dr D Sarson July 2017 Director - DSSP Ltd Director - DSSP DSSP Ltd None n/a Husband is a member of the PTFA
Mr N Kirkwood September 2019 Integration Director, Network Rail None None None n/a Wife is a teacher & staff governor at Erasmus Darwin Academy
Mrs S Snashall September 2019 Freelance writer of educational materials for Primary Literacy None None None n/a None
Mrs G Grainger September 2017 Headteacher at Chadsmead Primary Academy None None None n/a Mother is Clerk to the Governing Body at Stoneydelph School
Miss D Tullett July 2017 Teacher at Chadsmead Primary Academy None None None n/a None
Dr G Lambert              
Dr A Hooper              
Mrs J Owens