Music at Chadsmead

There is a very strong tradition of music here at Chadsmead Primary Academy. Our aim is to give every child the opportunity to enjoy and participate in music either in class lessons or through extra-curricular instrumental tuition.  Music is known to have many benefits for children and so we do consider it of high importance.

Class Lessons

All pupils have class music lessons with teachers who are passionate about the subject.  These are hourly lessons taking place in alternate half terms.  The music curriculum is covered using a combination of theme-related activities and the award-winning Charanga music programme. During class lessons, pupils will take part in listening, appraising and performing activities.


During the academic year, pupils will be involved in various performances. Typically, these involve Harvest, Christmas and Easter celebrations as well as opportunities arising from theme work. In addition, pupils may choose to be involved in extra performances such as Chadsmead’s Got Talent which has gone from strength to strength over the last ten years. When opportunities are available, Chadsmead pupils are encouraged to take part in performances within the wider community. In recent years, Year 6 pupils have taken part in concerts at Lichfield Cathedral, The Garrick, The Lichfield Festival as well as The Fuse.

Extra-Curricular Music

All pupils in KS2 have the option of taking part in instrumental tuition. This is offered in two different formats to suit individual needs:

Small Group Tuition: Pupils pay to work in groups of up to four in woodwind, brass, percussion or singing lessons with specialist teachers from Entrust. Usually the lessons last twenty minutes with pupils of similar ability.  Lessons take place for thirty-six weeks of the academic year. Pupils may be encouraged to take graded exams once they have reached relevant standards. Pupils have the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in a summer music concert.

Large Group Tuition (K2M): Pupils pay to work in a class-sized group which therefore offers a cheaper alternative for those pupils who wish to try something new and play as part of a bigger group. In Y3/4, violin is offered and in Y5/6, guitar is offered. These lessons also take place for thirty-six weeks of the academic year. They tend to last 30-45 minutes (depending on the number of participants). Many pupils who start off in these group go on to learn in smaller groups as their skills progress.  Again, pupils are taught by instrumental specialists and have the chance to perform in a number of concerts during the year.

Choir: This is open to any pupils in KS2. Chadsmead funds this activity to enable any pupil the opportunity to take part without being restricted by costs. Pupils benefit from expert vocal tuition from am Entrust teacher.  Pupils regularly have the opportunity to take part in concerts.

There are a wealth of musical opportunities at Chadsmead from singing in assembly, to class music lessons and instrumental tuition. We encourage everyone to take the opportunity and get involved!