Online Safety

At Chadsmead Primary Academy we believe that internet and online safety is a crucial part of your child's education. Not only is e-safety part of our computing curriculum, but important messages and information are given to children through online safety focused assemblies and taking part in national events. 
What we do to keep your child safe online:
  • We use filtering software on the school internet.
  • We talk to your child about online safety and include this in the curriculum and in assemblies.
  • We have guidance for children, staff and parents about online safety.
  • We have an online safety policy.
  • We have an online safety policy which staff sign.

Our online safety curriculum is intended to:

  • Encourage all children to become positive digital citizens by teaching them safe and appropriate online behaviour
  • Embed important online safety principles
  • Demonstrate a commitment to online safety.

The lessons allow for lots of discussion between children about the content, which is relevant and current. It includes issues that they deal with, issues we have had to help families deal with outside of school and issues we have had inside school.


There is a vast amount of information out there for parents and carers and children to access to help highlight the key aspects of keeping children safe when online. Below are a number of documents/resources that we feel are useful and will help to highlight the importance of online safety.
Internet Matters.org have created a simple checklist to give you peace of mind regarding your child's safety on the internet.
Think U Know.co.uk have also produced a useful checklist for parents and carers.
Latest Ofcom research has shown that 81% of 5-15 year olds have access to a tablet at home and almost 40% of 3 to 4 year olds and two thirds of 5 to 7 year olds go online. Read the document below to help keep your youngest children safe online.
Remember the 5 SMART rules when using the internet and mobile phones.