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School Council

School Council: Talking Together
"We make the school a better place!"
Chadsmead School Council are a hard working team of dedicated children. The School Council are very busy and pride themselves on making a positive impact in their school.
We meet every three weeks and take parts in lots of activities including:
  • Listening to the views and concerns of other pupils;
  • Representing these concerns to teachers, Mrs Cadman and other adults;
  • Coming up with ideas to help prove the school and make decisions; 
  • Thinking of ways to contribute locally and globally;
  • Fundraising for Chadsmead Primary Academy and charities;
  • Meet with visitors that come into school.
Each class have recently elected a school councillor to represent them.
What have School Council been doing?
  • School Council have been helping develop the school newsletter
  • School Council have begun to interview teachers to find out more about them
  • School Council have met with safeguarding visitors about the school
  • School Council are working hard to develop worry boxes and suggestion boxes for children
  • School Council are starting to encourage children to write about special events for the school newsletter
  • School Council are encouraging staff to take photographs and write information about the work in class
  • School Council are always open to new suggestions and ways to improve our school. There is a suggestion box outside the medical room.
What is a School Council?
  • The School Council meets with a teacher present, to discuss and sort out problems. These may include:   school lunches, behaviour, ideas for fundraising events.
  • Members of the School Council will normally be responsible for carrying out the ideas that have been agreed, such as planning discos, writing newspaper articles, or meeting with catering staff.
What jobs are there?
  • Each year, every class will normally elect a representative to be a member of the School Council. The council will then meet to elect officers such as; Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.
What makes a good one?
  • A good school council is one that represents the views of all students and gets things done.  To be an effective school council we have: regular meetings, a council that is not too big, good communication between representatives and their class, annual plan.
Do they get anything done?
  • Many School Councils just talk but good School Councils get things done.
Do you get out of lessons?
  • If your School Council meets during curriculum time, then you would miss some lessons. Some School Councils meet at lunch time or after school.