School Uniform

What should children wear in school?

We believe that children should wear uniform in school. We would like children to have pride in being a part of Chadsmead Primary Academy and in maintaining a well-dressed and smart appearance.

If your child is unable to wear an item of the uniform temporarily, please let us know by letter. We have never yet sent a child home for being improperly dressed, but we reserve the right to do so. If you are not sure about what is appropriate we would be pleased to talk with you.



 - Black ‘school type’ trousers, shorts, skirt, skort or pinafore dress

- White polo shirt (logo not required)

- Chadsmead sweatshirt or V-necked cardigan with school logo

- Black school shoes (flat sole/low heels, not trainers or boots)

- Black/White socks/tights

- Blue check only dresses (Optional-Summer term only)

- Plain blue/black hair band if required

- Children should have an outdoor coat


NB: Summer fashion shoes e.g. ‘jelly beans’, flip flops, open toed

sandals, and canvas shoes etc are not permitted



 - Black shorts (optional with school logo)

- Chadsmead T-Shirt (either gold or light blue)

- Black pumps or trainers

- Plain Tracksuit (optional school logo) 



 - Plain one-piece swimming costume/trunks

- Towel

- Swimming hat

How to order

Uniform with the school logo can be purchased either in store or online, from the following retailers:

 Other items of uniform can be purchased from high street retailers.

We offer Pre-Loved items of second hand school uniform, which can be ordered from the Office.


EVERY item of uniform MUST be marked with the child’s full name


- Jewellery must not be worn in school at any time.

- We prefer children NOT to wear earrings because of potential for accidents. However, small round ‘ball like’ silver/gold studs may be worn ONLY. These MUST be removed for PE/Games or covered with a plaster provided by home.  Children should not wear devices with the ability to record or take photographs.

- Hair for girls and boys which is longer than shoulder length MUST be tied back.